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Advertising Job Vacancies - Eagle Indo Pharma PT. (Cap Lang) Graduates High School, Vocational High School The Equal Position Of Mechanical Engineer, Etc


Advertising Job Vacancies - Eagle Indo Pharma PT. (Cap Lang) Graduates High School, Vocational High School The Equal Position Of Mechanical Engineer, Etc. PT Indo Pharma Eagle or better known by the name of Cap Lang founded in 1973, continued to perform the transformation to become a company that is known now. With more than 38 years, CAP LANG remains consistent serve and improve the health of the community through the provision of pharmaceutical products OTC (Over The Counter) is of high quality, effective and safe to use.

As a pharmaceutical company, CAP LANG in the progressive continues to make improvements to become a modern pharmaceutical company. Currently, CAP LANG comes with production facilities in accordance with the requirements of CPOB (the way of making good medicine) defined by BPOM (food and drug Supervisory Agency) and cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) as stipulated by the WHO ( The World Health Organization). Assisted by a strong distribution network, LANG STAMP products can easily be found in all corners of Indonesia from Sabang to Merauke either in modern or traditional outlets outlets.
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Company Address :
PT. Eagle Indo Pharma
Jl. Raya Prabu Siliwangi KM 1.1 Desa Alam Jaya,
Kec. Jatiuwung Tangerang 15133. Indonesia

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